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Safe Place Solution is a subsidiary of Clifton Steel, a leading supplier of steel armor plate and ballistic products to the U.S. military for more than 20 years.

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Herb Neides, President

Safe Place Solution is a dedicated provider of armor products for use in public and institutional spaces. The suite of products is born of our 40 plus year history in providing military and commercial grade ballistics armor steel products globally. In 2017, Clifton Steel Company further expanded our product offering to include this suite of products, and Safe Place Solution was born. It is our goal to make available and create awareness of products that protect potential targets from being harmed. We have mindfully created products that allow the user to deploy them with no additional construction or alteration of existing structures. These products present no interference to other safety concerns such as codified ordinance or inhibition of effort, on the part of the first responders. These applications that we have created are furnishings.

Presently, we are dedicated to raising awareness of the existence of these economical and effective solutions.

-Herb Neides, President

Today, Safe Place manufactures a range of patent-pending ballistic protection products for schools, offices, retail centers, and other public settings. The company has shipped thousands of Ballistic Benches since the product was launched in late 2015. The company’s new products, WonderBoard and WonderTile, have been received with great interest by schools, healthcare facilities, retail centers, and office settings.

Product Highlights:

-Provides a minimum NIJ level III protection*

-Requires no structural or design modifications

-Does not violate building codes

-Created from the same materials used for guard houses and shooting ranges

-WonderBoard comes fully assembled, ready to roll into place

-Low center of gravity to avoid tipping hazard

*National Institute of Justice is the standard used by Federal law enforcement and corrections officers for armor products in the United States

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Effective Bullet Proof Products

We live, eat and breathe ballistic protection products and solutions. Keeping people protected from active shooter threats is our day-to-day mission.

Why is Our Armor The Best?

Our decades of work in ballistic protection systems have earned the trust of government, military and commercial clients. Let us put this experience to work for you.

Our “Bullet Proof” Advantage

We believe that supplying products which are protective yet affordable allows for even more applications to be possible. You can have our lifesaving ballistic protection for less than the cost of some countertops.