Where ever you are, A SAFE PLACE TO HIDE should be there, too.

Work, schools, retail areas and shopping, houses of worship, your home. These are all places in our everyday lives we should feel safe, yet few of these areas are equipped for protection from an active shooter threat. Over 70% of mass shootings occur in a business, school, retail area, or open space. Safe Place Solutions has dedicated ourselves to creating a solution that’s affordable, customizable, and user-friendly to protect you and your loved ones in these settings.

Graph of active shooter incidents, active shooter events
Page 8, https://www.fbi.gov/file-repository/active-shooter-one-page-summaries-2000-2018.pdf/view

The Gun Violence Archive (GVA) reports as of April 19, 2021, the United States has had at least 150 mass shootings this year, where at least 50 of these mass shootings were in less than a month. While the graph to the left is eye-opening, the data since 2018 is staggering. Restaurants, spas, FedEx, vigils, apartments, convenience stores, business such as shipping centers or manufacturing, grocery stores, bars, house parties, night clubs, office buildings. These are just some of the locations of recent mass shootings. It seems like these days, nowhere is truly safe. 


Whenever an event occurs, we ask ourselves the same question: could we have done something to save even a single life? Having a plan for an active shooter situation is step one, step two is equipping the space for safety. Our products are an asset in any industry, see below to learn how Safe Place Solution can be applied in your industry to create a safe place and provide peace of mind.